Tufts Tech Transfer attends AUTM 2013

Members of the Tufts Tech Transfer team recently attended the 2013 annual meeting of the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) which took place in San Antonio, TX. Highlights from the conference include the moderation of a session by our director Nina Green on how to overcome difficult aspects of licensing contracts, as well as a presentation by associate director Colm Lawler on licensing lessons learnt at an early stage of one’s career. Other members of the Tufts Tech Transfer team that attended included Martin Son, Erika Bechtold and Jill Edgar. The team had a busy schedule which included attending numerous educational seminars on licensing and IP management best practices, as well as meeting other national and international academic collaborators also in attendance. In addition to the above, the team also had some general introductory meetings with industry representatives interested in learning more about Tufts University inventions as well as those from vendors offering services directed towards technology transfer and IP management. Overall, the meeting was judged a success for the team and Tufts Tech Transfer looks forward to actively participating in the upcoming 2014 annual meeting in San Francisco, CA.