University Collaboration


Academia and industry represent two very different environments with contrasting values and cultures, but the two can collaborate in research and produce significant benefits. Recognizing this, the university has and continues to enter into rewarding relationships of all types with industry.

Tufts is home to cutting edge research in many diverse scientific disciplines. TTIC welcomes the opportunity to identify suitable areas for research collaboration with your company.

Sponsored Research

Sponsorship of research is the most frequent form of industry relationship seen at the university. Typically, the corporate sponsor provides funding for a specified statement of work during a limited period of time. Deliverables such as reports, test data, software, or materials may also be specified for the sponsored project.

Generally, the university is obligated under the federal regulations and its own intellectual property policies to claim ownership to any and all intellectual property resulting from such research. However, Tufts will offer a royalty-free license to sponsors of research to use any resulting intellectual property for internal purposes, as well as an option to negotiate an exclusive, royalty-bearing license for commercial purposes.

Clinical Trials

Many companies have taken advantage of the School of Dental Medicine’s ability to conduct clinical trials to test the viability of new products. Such testing arrangements serve as an important step towards developing products that are commercially successful.

Tufts University Core Facility

The Tufts University Core Facility provides an extensive array of services to support the researchers at Tufts University as well as outside investigators. The facility’s staff has years of proven technical proficiency and experience with high throughput characterization, purification and laboratory automation. Services include DNA synthesis and sequencing, peptide synthesis and sequencing, and genomic analysis.

The Tufts Center for Neuroscience Research

The Tufts Center for Neuroscience Research (CNR) provides core research services to Tufts neuroscientists and other investigators. CNR-supported core facilities offer services for biological imaging, biophysics & electrophysiology, computational genomics, and animal behavior.