Expanded Vision for Tufts Tech Transfer

Dear Colleagues:

The former Office of Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration (OTL&IC) is being reorganized and renamed.  The new technology transfer organization will be provided with additional resources to pursue its core mission to identify, evaluate, patent and commercialize innovative University inventions and technologies and will offer enhanced programs to the Tufts community to promote commercialization of Tufts technologies.  It will also spearhead new, strategic industry alliances to support research at Tufts.  This change follows a comprehensive review of our technology transfer operation, and is consistent with the T10 Strategic Plan’s emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship (http://strategicplan.tufts.edu/wp-content/uploads/Theme-4.pdf).

Tufts’ expanded vision for its technology transfer organization calls for the creation of a new directorship position for the organization that replaces the existing OTL&IC director position, and for the rebranding and renaming of the organization, once a new director is engaged. The expanded technology transfer organization carries the following responsibilities:

•    Catalyze the commercialization of Tufts technologies for global public benefit, with a particular emphasis on the creation of start-up companies based on Tufts technologies, thereby fulfilling Tufts’ mission and expanding its impact.

•    In partnership with Tufts researchers, protect Tufts innovations and manage technology development projects to enhance the value of these innovations in the marketplace and the reputation of Tufts as a leading research institution.

•    Provide resources and training to Tufts researchers on matters relating to intellectual property protection, technology development, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship.

•    Serve as the primary hub within the Tufts innovation ecosystem for technology commercialization and start-up creation for technologies developed at, and owned by, Tufts. Actively connect the Tufts innovation ecosystem to the broader Boston innovation ecosystem. Support a fertile, energizing, and supportive environment for innovation at Tufts.

•    Expand the culture of Tufts University to embrace and support research innovation and entrepreneurship.

•    Spearhead new strategic partnerships between Tufts researchers and industry.

•    Foster future innovation at Tufts by generating an income stream that supports research at Tufts.

•    Continue Tufts’ partnership with Tufts Medical Center on technology transfer and inter-disciplinary, translational research projects.

We are excited to launch this newly-created structure and leadership position, which will build upon OTL&IC’s achievements and will provide a unique blend of collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that will benefit Tufts into the future.


Diane L. Souvaine
Vice Provost for Research