Our Start-Ups

TTIC staff facilitates the creation of start-up companies by working with faculty to identify applications for their technologies, refine the business case, and identify public and private funding to advance their discoveries. We have helped researchers tap into venture networks that provide not only funding potential but also mentoring for first-time inventor founders. The TTIC further catalyzes start-ups by building relationships with sources of private funding (such as angel, seed-stage, and venture investors), by proactively seeking corporate research collaborations, and by supporting selected translational research through the Tufts Launchpad | Accelerator program.

The TTIC also helps investigators tap public programs such as MassBio and MassConnect and funding sources such as the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program of the federal government. To encourage a culture of technology transfer and entrepreneurism, the TTIC provides seminars on intellectual property development and start-up company formation.

It takes passion, hard work, and vision to bring academic discoveries to the marketplace. The TTIC is privileged to work with Tufts inventors and their promising new technologies—as well as our licensees—as they transform early-stage discoveries into market-ready products.

Selected Tufts University Start-Ups (1997 to present)

1997: Paratek Pharmaceuticals – Omadacycline for antibiotic-resistant infections 2015: Visual Classrooms – Interactive learning and collaboration environment
1997: Securos – Veterinary orthopedics 2018: Bach Biosciences  – Cancer therapies
1998: Illumina – Microarray genotyping instruments; 7,000 employees worldwide 2018: Endo Guidance Technologies  – Fiber optic-based shape and position tracking for endoscopy
2000: Serica (Allergan) – Soft tissue support/repair 2018: Cambridge Crops  – Natural, edible solutions for extending freshness of foods
2007: Quanterix – Single-molecule arrays for ultrasensitive biomarker detection 2018: Hopewell Therapeutics  – Intracellular drug delivery platform
2011: iCreate to Educate (HUE) – Stop-action movie animation software 2019: Jersey Biosciences  – Flexible guide RNA cloning system for CRISPR/Cas9 applications
2011: Hemera Biosciences – Gene therapy for treatment of age-related macular degeneration 2019: Dynocardia  – Wearable blood pressure monitoring device
2012: GliaCure – Therapies for neuro-cognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s disease 2019: PhagePro  – Fast onset, oral therapeutic for prevention of cholera
2012: Vaxess Technologies – Silk-based therapeutic and diagnostic reagent stabilization and microneedle delivery 2019: ZwitterCo – Cost-effective treatment of challenging wastewater
2013: Kinderlab Robotics – Childhood software/hardware programming kit 2019: Visiogene  – Cell-penetrating peptides for delivery of ocular therapeutics
2014: Sofregen Medical – Silk-based tissue/dermal fillers 2019: Adecto Pharmaceuticals  – Targeted therapies for aggressive ADAM8-positive cancers