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Ayse Asatekin synthesizes novel membranes that enable recycling of water

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Andrew Camilli studies the lifecycle of pathogens and develops ways to prevent or treat infections

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Fiorenzo Omenetto investigates nanostructured materials such as silk for novel applications

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Chuck Shoemaker is developing medicines based on VHH antibody fragments

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Featured Success Stories

  • Featured Start-up

    ZwitterCo, Inc.

    Cost-effective treatment of challenging wastewater



    Immediate onset, oral therapeutic for prevention of cholera

  • Featured Start-Up

    Cambridge Crops

    Natural and edible solutions for extending freshness of perishable foods

  • Featured Investigator

    Chuck Shoemaker

    Platform for inexpensively treating diseases worldwide

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Featured Medical Device Opportunity

INFORCE™ Biopsy: One-Step Method for Incision and Forceps Biopsy Procedure During Endoscopy

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